Wezy Hospitality

Before Wezy Hospitality opened in 2018,  Chef Wezy was traveling the world opening and operating restaurants for a highly acclaimed Chef. During her voyage, she started to develop her own flavors that would eventually be the empatis of her modern cuisine. In 2013, her restaurant path would lead to the introduction of GM James B. The partnership would take great shape as the ideas would begin to flow. After the two had successfully worked five years building new masterpieces,  they decided it was time to follow their dreams and open Wezy Hospitality. Quickly they dove into their passion, searching for quality and great value for their future guests. By 2018, They had blossomed into owning their first mobile kitchen, creating their own success, and building a growing following.


Tel: 321-228-9393  

 Email: Wezyhospitality@gmail.com



At Your Service

Tel: 321-228-9393 |  Email: Wezyhospitality@gmail.com


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Tel: 321-228-9393  |  Email: Wezyhospitality@gmail.com


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